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What is WolvesCo !

- Latest version of conquer online 2D&3D Maps +500 online players .- All classes are available , all epics weapons are available for free.- Archive NinpoScroll WarMyths TwistedNote TaoistVien MarineTreasure DragonTales are available .-Sussanoo Ninja, Fiery Warrior, Fire Heaven,...

Take part in both solo and team events such as Guild War, Super Guild War, PK Tournaments, Champions Arena, Powerpole War, etc.
Enjoy All classes, items, and spells are fully implemented, tested and work exactly the same as official Conquer.
Join hundreds of unique and daily quests which help you level up and improve your gears.
The server is developed and maintained by a group of talented individuals with extensive experience in development, management and game play.


You will find the latest game updates here - Please continue section continuously

إعلان هام لجميع عشاق Wolves Conquer!هل أنتم مستعدون لمغامرة جديدة تختبر قوتكم وذكاءكم؟ نقدم لكم **Foxy**، السيرفر الأحدث والأكثر إثارة ضمن...

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New Server #Server_Legends#New_Server8/12/2023 New Server Soon [Legends]

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تم تشغيل الدفع تلقائيا عبر بايبال كل ما عليك هو تسجيل الدخول ثم اضغط علي زر المتجر ثم اختار الخطه المناسبه لك واختيار اسم الخادم...

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